Thursday, July 02, 2020

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Hatzalah Statewide Offers Support to Camps

Some of the most essential Jewish communal organizations don’t just solve the urgent problems that people face; they also anticipate new problems and quickly map out an effective game plan to address them. One example of this exemplary level of service is that of the Hatzalah Statewide, based in New Jersey,


NJ Eye and Ear Brings Specialists Together in One Location

Eyes and ears are our window to the world, and when they aren’t functioning properly our lives are severely impacted. Dr. Daniel Stegman opened New Jersey Eye and Ear to modernize treatment for visual and hearing health for adults and children. He recruited top physicians, all


Medical Aliyah

Aliyah. There are so many reasons to just do it: the Kotel, kosher Pizza Hut and Shavuot vacation without having to explain it to the boss. Sure, all of us Jews are in the contemplative phase of moving to Israel, yet all still a bit stuck out here in the land of super glue. We indeed pray, three times a day, that Hashem should gather us up


The Most Beautiful Kaddish

I first met David S. in the hospital as he was saying goodbye to his dying mother. David’s sister had arrived from afar to be present. Mr. S., their loving father, was sitting alongside the hospital bed, saying goodbye to his wife of 73 years. After I said final prayers (“Vidui”) with Mrs. S., I spent some time with this wonderful


The Center for Purposeful Aging Restores Joy and Meaning to Life

You’ve built a career, home and family that defined you for decades. Maybe you’ve been so good at taking care of others, or producing a good income for your family, that you forgot about yourself. And now that the pandemic has kept you inside, you feel lonely and isolated. Sarah Hiller-Bersson, LCSW, has been helping older


SMGH and Saint Clare’s Denville Hospital Begin Graduate Medical Education Residency Program

(Courtesy of St. Mary’s General Hospital) St. Mary’s General Hospital & Saint Clare’s Denville Hospital have started their Graduate Medical Education (GME) Residency Program. Residents will rotate between both institutions for their core and elective rotations to receive their internal medicine residency during a 36-month


How to Make Up for Lost Time If Your Child Has Missed Occupational Therapy During COVID

Back in March, schools throughout New Jersey announced they were closing for the remainder of the academic year. And as anyone who has been homeschooling their children for the remainder of the school year will tell you, it’s been tough.

Schools not only give children routine and structure but they


Ashley Small Offers Speech Therapy Solutions

Speech is a near-universal form of communication that allows individuals to connect with one another. But what about those who struggle verbalizing their thoughts? While many young children require speech therapy, older adults with certain conditions can also develop speech challenges. Luckily, there are exceptional speech


Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders Coronavirus Diary

As the country and region normalize from the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to put down some thoughts concerning our own diary over the past several months.

As we have pointed out in other articles, we were blessed at CMD to have remained open throughout the


Think Regeneration

This is an exciting time for treating pain and injuries. When I was a resident, the hallmarks of sports medicine were steroids and surgery. Unfortunately, that model still dominates conventional sports medicine, but the times they are a-changing. If you suffer from any tendinitis or other soft-tissue injury or if you are hampered by an


Young Adults Back Home: When Is It Too Much?

When COVID-19 started, there was fear and uncertainty. A natural way to deal with the fear is to bring your loved ones close, to unite the people you love. Married children and young adults came back to live with their parents. Parents welcomed them in and were happy to have their young ones back in their “nest” where they could protect


Anxiety: The Crippling Effect of Endless Possibilities

The population of the world can be divided into two types of people: Those who are anxious and those who are not. The inner experience of an individual living with anxiety is difficult to comprehend, especially for those in the “are not” category. Steps toward providing helpful assistance to people in one’s life who experience anxiety