Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Craftsmanship in construction is a lost art. Wojciech (Voytek) Palka is bringing it back. Originally from Poland, Palka has been building kitchens and baths for more than 20 years and recently started his own firm, Palka Construction.

Palka can start at any point in the process of building a new kitchen or bath, and bring it to completion. Have a photo you’d like to serve as a guide? Palka can make it happen and probably improve it. Don’t know what you want? Palka will listen to your wish list and figure out how to get it done. If you already have a kitchen designer, Palka will work with him to turn the design into a finished project. His sources include large manufacturers and showrooms and specialty high-end Amish cabinet makers.

Palka works with his son, and others as needed, but anyone on the job has to work according to his high standards.


“In some places, the contractor does the kitchen by bringing in laborers but doesn’t touch anything,” he said. “Then you find out there’s not enough material or it’s cut wrong. I’m doing it myself. I don’t cut corners and when I do a project. I do my best.”

That’s confirmed by clients and people he has worked with. Jordan Ross, a New York kitchen designer and cabinetry specialist, has brought in Palka to do the kitchens for many of his clients in New York and New Jersey.

“Palka is very conscientious,” he said. “He’ll go out of his way to make sure something is perfect.” There are two qualities Ross says are key to good work—communication and craftsmanship—and Palka has both. “He is always on top of everything.”

If renovating a kitchen or bath has been on the back burner for a while, the recent lockdown probably showed you how much you need a comfortable, up-to-date home. Call Palka to discuss your project and get an estimate: 201/456-0711. View his portfolio at www.palkaconstruction.com.

By Jewish Link Staff