Monday, July 06, 2020

In March, when high school came to an abrupt end, many seniors spent their time attached to video game consoles or attempting to become Tik Tok stars. But Danny Weinberger, Shmuli Coates, Jacob Bergstein and Judah Rolnick had other plans.

Throughout high school, this foursome built successful athletic careers at The Frisch School. Weinberger, Coates and Bergstein were members of the basketball team, notably winning the Steve Glouberman Tournament last fall. Rolnick excelled on the ice hockey squad. Joining forces, they decided to replicate their sporting success in the world of business.

During their time off, the entrepreneurs met (maintaining social distancing) and agreed on a goal: to generate happiness, positivity and well-being throughout the Bergen County area. Realizing that COVID-19 prevented gathering and celebrating milestones to the fullest, the quartet devised a service called Surprise by Sunrise, offering celebratory lawn decorations for special events. They do birthdays and graduations, engagements and weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and much more.

Living up to their name, the quartet sets up their lawn displays the evening before the big day, delivering the “surprise by sunrise.” They take everything down the next night. Friends, family, neighbors and even passers-by can see and enjoy the tribute to this special day and personal milestone.

Surprise by Sunrise offers a wide range of selections, from Fortnite and sports-themed decorations to cupcakes and hearts for anniversaries and engagements. They can be reached anytime to answer questions and guide each step. Book or contact them through their website, Surprisebysunrise.com, or email them at Surprisebysunrise@gmail.com. And make sure to check them out on Instagram @Surprisebysunrise.

Let this group of Yeshiva League superstars-turned-entrepreneurs create your next “surprise by sunrise!”

By Shmuli Coates